Jumat, 30 November 2012

Last Month Of 2012

So, this is the last month in the year 2012? So don't feel well. Anyway, what you DecemberWish? Certainly a lot of it because this is the last month in 2012 :) Which certainly pray for your parents

Well, let's talk about the end of the month in the year 2012, and at the end of the session I will be notifying all of my expectations. I hope at the end of the session later, those can read and what my hopes and how my feelings.

Before, sorry for my english language is bad.

Maybe in 12 months, the end of the year 2012, everyone thought would happen if the 'Doomsday'? Indeed, 'Doomsday' did not exist. Don't believe what they say and ignore them. They only people who fear death.
I believe that you are reading this or ignore this post, that you is not afraid of death. I believe that you can do all of this. Believe God is not going to make this month is the last month for all living things. God will always bless you wherever you are because of God's love to you. Right?
So, Cheer up and never give up under any circumstances it. While you are in a difficult situation as any I know God will provide a way out for you. 

Many are special in this month.. Starting from the day of Christmas and New Year, Weddings, Birthdays, and several other events. I can only say 'congratulations' to them and can't do anything for them. Sorry.. :D

Now let's talk about #DecemberWish.


Maybe some of you must have some hope at the end of the month in the year 2012 right? :) Let us share with each other :D

My #DecemberWish 

I was not expecting too much but I hope could actually happen :) Amen!
Hmm, then. What my #DecemberWish? *think*

My #DecemberWish: 

1. My mom would always healthy. I hope one day my mother would be proud of me. God bless my mom always. I hope my mother will stop worring me :( I love you mama ({}) :* <3

2. I'm going to get a lot of new friends. friend who is autistic, a crazy friend, friend of the struggle, a friend of one of fate and destiny. Hahahaha LOL xD

3. Extended family .. I hope they will be okay. Amen :)

4. The people who hate me. I want to thank them because've made ​​me impatient. I hope they will forgive me. :D

5. *Special* To someone I love, I hope you'll get someone who's perfect for you. I hope you will get a person who can love you more than me. I will go on and on to pray and support you until whenever. :) Iloveyou<3

6. To all my friends. I hope you'll forgive me for the mistakes I've ever made. I love you, you are my friend and my best friend. Thank you so much for supporting me this far. Who have encouraged me when I'm sad. You are a treasure to me :D

okay that's it, happy new month :) GodBlessYouAlways<3

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