Senin, 19 November 2012

Dear Someone.

Welcome back friends.
I am writing this post to someone important in my life and he was a part of my life.
Someone is very valuable in my life and is likely to forget it is a big 0 (zero).
I am a person who had been hoped and I prayed for someone.
The words below are all I want to say to someone.

Dear You,
I really Love you. Very and very much. I love you more than what's in the universe.
But what I expect is a love without any parting words. With no one to go.
But what I expect is nothing like what I get. All wrong.
You went and left me. You left without a word and disappeared.
For a moment I feel you've gone and will never come back again for a long time, and maybe forever.
Then I feel my life has no meaning without you. :') I'm SAD.
When I say "I'm Okay", believe that it was all a lie and the fact it was "I'm Noy Okay!"
Sorry I can't be someone who is perfect for you. Can do and give anything to you. Believe me if  I am able to love you fully and ready.
While there are people who ask me "How could you love someone like that?", And when they ask me why, I thought and thought, and I replied "No
". I love the no one reason whatsoever. I sincerely love what it is you are.
If loving you is a sin unforgivable sin then you're the most beautiful thing I've ever done
In When you say "I Love You Forever", I'm very happy as I am the world's happiest people. But ... Why are you lying? why did you leave me? why do we have to split? Where is your sweet words?
I want in this world is only the two of us, without a third person who disturb our relationship. Can it? Yaa I know it was just a dream, but if you know it all is something that I crave?
Now we're separated? Really? I hope this is just a dream! I hope this is not real. I hope when I wake up all is a dream and will be back to normal again. But God wills others. It's all a reality and not a dream. You gone.
If you're not a true love in life today. I hope in the next life you are the companion of my life until I was white-haired later.
I can't live without you! I can't breathe when there is no you. You were like a breath of my life. I can't go a single day not thinking about you. I really can not!

Why each meeting there should be a separation? Why?!! I don't believe and don't want to believe that all this is true, a very bitter reality.
I have to accept all of this reality. You and I have separated. And what we have run it all now a distant memory.
God, I love this one. Help me just this once wrote. I want someone back in my life again and he can not leave me again. I too adore this one.
God, I miss this someone. I want to feel the embrace of this someone. I want to feel a very warm kiss. I want this someone stroking my head. I want this someone who is with me whe
n  I could not do anything.

To anyone who reads this post, I love you even though I do not know who you are. I love you whoever you were. Keep the spirit and continue your activities. For anyone who saw this post and read or ignore this post. I hope you will find an abundance of happiness and God will always take care of you. AMEN.
The story above is my real experience. But I've tried MovingOn and it turned out I could. Even in the deepest days I'm still thinking about this one. I know now that God is up to something good for me and for all of you. Although I still expect people on this. I'm sure one day I'll meet him when he was married to someone who is this someone loved.

- End. Godblessyou -  :)

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