Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Happy Birthday Mother

Dan si cantik kembali lagi ~ *Di hajar*

Berhubung sebentar lagi nyokap gua ulang tahun.. Gua mau ngepost dan mau memberi ucapan buat nyokap gua. Mau ga mau gua tulis nya sekarang.. Tanggal 16 pulsa modem gua udah abis soalnya BUAKAKA!!
Oke deh. lets we rock!!

Dear mom,
Happy Birthday to you. I wish you all the best.
I Hope you will be heatly always. 
I will always be by your side until whenever.
Mom, I Love you more than anyone.
I PROMISE someday I will make you Proud mom.
Dear mom,
Thanks for evertyhing what you gift to me.
Thanks for always beside me and support me.
Thankyou very much to raising me, keep me, and treat me.
Without you maybe now Im nothing.
Dear mom,
Forgive all my mistakes. Im Sorry..
I'm Sorry I ever angry with you. Really Sorry.
I'm Sorry that sometimes I make you angry. I inadvertently.
I'm Sorry I ever let you down :(
I'm SOrry that sometimes does not obey your words. Im Sorry..
I'm your child. And you are my Mom.
I really LOVE you. I hope we will be like this forever.
I Hope you will never leave me mom.
Mom, keep strong! 
This, our family. We stand together.
Facing all the hurdles that exist.


We smile



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